My husband and I chose Eunice Christian Private School for several reasons. In the simplest terms, Eunice allowed us to customize our curriculum, focus on our strong points and find tutors for our areas of weakness, allowed us to teach at our pace, and our children to graduate with diplomas and official transcripts. Eunice follows the State of Florida guidelines for graduating with a diploma. Eunice also offers opportunities for field trips, socializing with other high school students, and a graduation ceremony. 

As parents, we strived to provide opportunities for our children to excel and be challenged by the curriculum. Eunice also helped us to understand that not all subjects need to be challenging and that sometimes our students needed to take a step back and take a remedial course so that they could move forward in that subject late on. With the structure of Eunice’s guidance counselor and board members you are not left alone in navigating these challenges.

My strengths were in the lower math areas (up to Algebra 1), most high school sciences, and history. Knowing that I was not strong in language arts or higher maths, I sought out tutors for these areas. With Eunice, we had the opportunity to not only seek out tutors who could teach our children, but who could also suggest other curriculums that might better suit our needs. This to me was a huge selling point for Eunice, as I have three children who have different learning styles and different needs.

With Eunice we turn in our Official Attendance Register sheet of 180 days or more per school year. But we as a family schooled year round. By schooling year round, we were able to complete more subjects. We did this because it was our children's goal to participate in the dual enrollment program offered by Florida State College at Jacksonville. To make sure our children were not only ready for dual enrollment, but for them to excel.

Eunice graduates their students who have met their minimum 24 credits for high school diplomas. The importance of a diploma and an official transcript from Eunice, is that our children were able to attend any university of their choosing. Each of our three children attended dual enrollment and continuing on to universities with our youngest child graduating from Eunice in May of 2019. This may not be the goal for every child, but what is most important is that they have the opportunity available to them.